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Proficiency People is a professional BPM / BPO transformation consultancy company specializing in helping today’s businesses evolve with business process management competence and transform operational process efficiency.

Proficiency People is a business process management & outsourcing transformation consultancy with vast experience in business process management and operational efficiency improvement & optimisation. Our network of process experts are experienced in retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, IT, media, publishing, security and more. We provide the specialist competence businesses today require to evolve business processes and operational efficiency.

Proficiency People provide specialist BPM and analytical services, leading to lean, operational process efficiency, whether it is for short, medium or long term.

Process management is the centre-piece of any successful evolution in operational efficiency. Efficient, transparent and easily accessible processes are critical to success in today’s business market. Indeed, it is also essential that the processes you have are followed and improved through engagement with your own process leaders.

If your business:

Proficiency People can help.

The way we work is simple. In partnership with you we take the time to understand your business before we start advising new strategies or creating processes. We work with you to ensure we share your objectives and strategy. We also know it is important to invest in your employees’ competence and reflect that in your finished product. Using carefully selected BPM tooling (or your own software of choice), we create and optimise processes clearly, ensuring full accessibility. Your processes are then measured every step of the way to ensure easy reporting and optimisation.

If you are a business facing the challenge to improve operational efficiency through proficient process management, we are professional experts to help. We can help you evolve business practices into processes to gain efficiency. Proficiency.